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  Blogging - Between You and Me 

Thoughts about painting, weaving, and other stuff

Morning Coffee Talk:  What's on your mind?

March 13, 2018

Good afternoon everyone.......I just completed my latest painting.....Spring In My Garden.  I love sunflowers and everything that comes along with spring.  Hoping to capture several more paintings of the beautiful wonders that nature provides.  My latest painting, along with a few others will be for sale on this website and will also be on view at the Main Street Market Place in Gonzales, Texas starting April 1st.  So, if you happen to be going through Gonzales in the near future, stop by and take a look.  They have wonderful antiques and vintage pieces for your home decor.  Definitely worth the stop.

Until then, happy weaving and painting to all.

Morning Coffee Talk:  What's on your mind?

September 8, 2018

Good morning everyone.......Currently working in ceramics.  Sometimes I need to mix it up and work in a different medium.  It's relaxing and inspiring and keeps my focus and perspective fresh.  Here are a couple of photos of ceramic pumpkins that I am sculpting.  These two pumpkins are hand built and formed.  Didn't use the potter's wheel for these....too many details to work out so I feel more comfortable building with my hands.  The pumpkins are currently drying and I can't wait to fire and glaze them.  

In the meantime.....stay creative my friend.

Morning Coffee Talk:  What's on your mind?

January 24, 2018

Good afternoon everyone.......Just completed the latest weaving.  A beautiful sage green scarf.  I love using natural fibers to create one-of-a-kind scarves, shawls, name it!  Most of the fibers I use for my weavings are found in New Mexico.  I buy from those who sheer, spin and hand dye beautiful yarns.  Love the churro, merino, alpaca and other fine wool fibers.  Now, back to work trying to decide what will be next.  In the meantime......have a great day and

happy weaving to all.